Friday, September 30, 2011

Nurse and Child

Today's picture was taken in 1905, and it shows a nurse caring for a baby. The picture was taken at the Junior Sea Breeze hospital in New York City. The hospital was supported by Rockefeller, and was dedicated to helping children.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Time Nurse

Good Thursday Morning to you all. Nursing Week continues with this picture of a nurse from 1900. I find it interesting how nursing uniforms have changed over the years. I can remember in elementary school that school had a nurse, and she wore white dress, white stockings, white nursing shoes, and then the old style nurses cap. The nurses office smelled of some sort of strong disinfectant. I hated that smell and still can not get the smell out of my head. I associate that smell with being sick.

I beg you all to not bring up that other topic today. Henceforth it shall be referred to as the "Topic Which Shall Not Be Mentioned".

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Japanese Nurses

Today's picture is from 1905, and it shows Japanese Nurses. The nurses were attending wounded soldiers. I am putting up this picture in the hopes that we can get off the topic of "The Pain of Childbirth". It appears that no matter what I do the subject keeps coming back to that. It is like it is the ultimate "Trump" card women carry around. No matter where the conversation starts, it always ends with the Pain of Childbirth. 

Consider this example . . . have you ever noticed when men and women go to a restaurant, when men need to use the restroom they go one at a time, but when the women go, they all leave the table at once. That is because they are not really going to use the restroom, but they are going to talk. My theory is that they get together in there and remind each other that somehow they must get the conversation back to the pain of childbirth. All babies have heads the size of watermellons, and weight 23 pounds, that sort of thing.

Well, some day there is going to be a man come along with the courage to speak up and ask the question, is child birth really that painful? Today is not that day.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Old Midwife

Today's picture shows an old midwife in Greene County, Georgia. The picture was taken in 1941. 

Wow, we had lots of interesting comments yesterday. It seems like the conversation got around to the "Pain of Childbirth". I can remember the birth of our daughter. We had taken that class on how to breathe in natural childbirth. What they don't tell you is that the role of the man in the Natural Childbirth is to be the Whipping Boy. Yep, Mrs. PJM cursed the day of my birth as our daughter was born. Eighteen hours of  Mr. PJM not doing anything right. It was a Saturday, and there was a TV in the room. It was in about the 14th hour of labor, and I was exhausted, so I turned the TV on to watch an old rerun of Bonanza. It was the episode where Hoss and Little Joe bought an old mule without telling Ben Cartright. Well, anyway, Mrs. PJM did not want the TV on and she was not even polite in the manner in which she instructed me that there would be no Bonanza watching in the labor room. I throw that out there just in case any young men end up in a similar situation . . . during labor, women appear to not be favorably inclined to have Hoss and Little Joe on the TV.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Nurse Delivering Baby

Today's picture is from the early 1900's, and is shows a Nurse/Midwife who has just delivered a baby. The mother is in the bed on the right. As I look through old pictures, it appears that midwives were very common, and in fact probably more common that doctors. I wonder when the tradition of midwifes stopped?

I am willing to bet that the tradition of nurses having a larger role as primary care providers will increase. I believe our population is aging faster than we can make new doctors, and hence more responsibility will be put on nurse practitioners. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Welcome to Nurse Week here at OPOD. We started it yesterday with Florence Nightingale, and we will continue all week with nurses from all different time periods and cultures. I am looking forward to the week!.

Today's picture is of Aunt Sally, from Gees Bend Alabama. The picture was taken in 1939. Aunt Sally was a midwife, and was the only medical personnel in the entire area.


I wanted to thank all of you who have been visiting the Lovely Ms. EAM's blog (My Kenya Nursing Adventure). All of your visits and comments have been an incredible encouragement to her. She has really gotten settled in to her new environment there, and is pursuing her work with a passion. She says that she is busy and really hitting it off well with the directors of the orphanage where she works, and hitting it off with all the children. 

I am getting a better picture of her living conditions. She says she has her own room, and bathroom. The bathroom has hot water, but the kitchen does not have hot water. The water comes from a tank that catches rainwater off the roof. Her room has one lightbulb, and they have electricity, but the electricity is out three or four times a day, so you really can not rely on it. She has a little stove that runs on a propane tank that is in the kitchen. In cooking, you have to constantly be mindful of conserving the propane. There is a small refrigerator, but is not completely useful since electricity is out so much. Of course, there is no TV or radio, so the evenings are very quiet (and very dark when the electricity is out). So, she REALLY enjoys reading the comments and answering your posts and questions in the evening when all is quiet. 

Your financial generosity earlier this year made her work possible, and your continued encouragement through  visiting her blog keeps her enthusiastic and keeps her pushing forward with her work. Thanks!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mystery Person Contest

It is Saturday, and that means Mystery Person Contest. Ready, Set, Go!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Good Bye to Sousa Week

We finish up Sousa Week today with this picture of the old bandmaster waving us good bye. I have enjoyed the pictures this week, and enjoyed the music.

I have decided to NOT have a week on secret societies and diabolical organizations. I got in a lot of trouble yesterday just "mentioning" the freemasons. While I would love to blow the lid off secret societies and reveal spectacular conspiracies, I do not feel it would be wise to do so at this time.

So, we finish up with this stirring march from Sousa.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sousa Conducting Band

Today's picture was taken in 1923. Oh my, is that a Shriner's hat he is wearing? Please don't tell me Sousa was a freemason. Don't even get me started on the freemasons. Well, I am already started. Maybe we should do a week on secret societies and diabolical organizations.

Sousa actually was a mason, and composed some music called, "Nobles of the Mystic Shrine", which you can listen to below, if you want to.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Charlie Chaplin and John Sousa

Today's picture features a couple of icons of the early 1900's . . . band leader John Philip Sousa and silent film star Charlie Chaplin. I was surprised to see the two of them in the same photograph. The picture was taken in 1916.

Now, for your enjoyment we have another stirring Sousa March.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

John Philip Sousa Band

Today's picture shows the band of John Philip Sousa. The photo was taken in 1917 at a Liberty Loan rally. You see, back in the day, when we went to war we actually paid for it by raising money from the citizenry in patriotic rallies like this one. 

I have enjoyed listening to the Sousa music this week. The recording below is a modern rendition of "The Washington Post March", which is one of the all time greatest marches. 

I have noticed an interesting thing this week. Modern renditions of Sousa marches sound very different than the original ones directed by him. To me, it seems like he played the music faster, and lighter. More light and airy music. Today, his marches are played slower and with much more powerful deep sounds. More brass and percussion. It is as if the Boston Pops found more big full sound that even Sousa himself did in these marches. Has anyone else noticed that?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sousa Marching

Sousa was famous for writing "marches", so I thought it would be interesting to show a picture of him marching. I would bet the band behind him was playing one of his inspiring pieces.

One of the neat parts of Sousa Week is that we will not only look at pictures of him, but we will also be able to listen to his music. Here, for your enjoyment is "Stars and Stripes Forever". This recording is particularly poignant, in that the rendition is by Sousa's band, directed by him. Also, the piece is introduced by Sousa in his own voice.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

John Philip Sousa

Am I the only one happy that Opera Week is over? I would bet not. Anyway, this is going to be John Philip Sousa Week, where we look at pictures of, and listen to music by the greatest bandmaster who ever lived. 

I can remember that when I was growing up in the 1960's, we actually had a record player that would still play "78" records. Also, we had a stack of old records, and many of them had the old Sousa Marches. I can remember listening to the music, and the distinct scratchy sound that came from the old 78 records. Does anyone else sort of miss that hiss that you got from the old records?

Anyway, for your enjoyment, I present what might be the greatest march ever written . . . Sousa's Sempter Fidelis.


The lovely Ms. EAM has been very busy in Africa. The picture at right is little Dominique, who Ms. EAM helped to rescue out of the slums of Kitale last week. She took the picture and was riding with him in the back seat. This was the first time the little guy had ever been in a car. She said he is severely malnourished, and has many other medical challenges, but it will be her top priority to nurse him back to health. This little boy's life is about to radically change. In Mattaw, he will be loved and will be provided with everything he needs. When he arrived at the village, the entire village turned out and held a huge celebration to welcome him. Ms. EAM says he is very quickly adjusting to his new life.

OK, I have been stealing pictures from the lovely Ms. EAM's blog. I am sure she would be greatly encouraged if you all would go over and check her blog out directly, as opposed to reading things second hand from me.

As many of you know, it is very discouraging to start a blog and not have anyone read it. It would be a huge encouragement to her if you would check out her blog, and maybe leave some comments. You might even consider "following" the blog if you like what you see. Again, for a blogger, the most discouraging thing is to write and get no comments. I might go so far as to say that any comments left on her blog would directly lower the chances of another ugly picture embargo on this site.

So please go on over and check out the lovely Ms. EAM's blog at: I think you will enjoy it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Geraldine Farrar

OK, today we wrap up Opera week with this picture of Geraldine Farrar. She was a really big opera star in the early 1900's and she sometimes sang with Enrico Caruso. I include a clip of her singing below that you can listen to.

Now for all of you who suffered through Opera Week, I will treat you to Stephen Foster's "Camptown Races". Enjoy.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Amadeo Bassi

Folks, I am trying, but I am just not getting into this whole opera thing. I mean paying to see someone wear a funny hat and sing in a language you don't know . . . that is a formula for me dozing off. Anyway, here we have Amadeo Bassi, who used to be big in the opera. You can hear him sing below.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Maria Gay

Today we feature a picture of Maria Gay, an opera legend, or so I am told. She was a Mezzo Soprano and was one of the all time best interpreters of Carmen. I am not sure what a Mezzo Soprano is and not sure what  Carmen is either. In any case, you can hear her sing below.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Enrico Caruso

Today we feature a picture of Enrico Caruso one of the all time greatest opera stars. This picture was from the early 1900's. You can hear him in the clip below.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Luisa Tetrazzini

Opera Week continues here at OPOD, but I am not sure why. We present for your enjoyment a picture of Luisa Tetrazzini, an Itallian Coloratura Suprano. She was a famous opera star of the early 1900's. You can listen to a recording of her singing below.

Now, if I am going to be honest with you all I will have to say that I just don't "get" opera. I don't understand the words, I can not detect any discernible "beat" to the music, the songs are long, and quiet frankly, not that pleasant to listen to. So, you will likely not see me at the opera. Perhaps a more refined visitor could explain to us the attraction of the opera.

As promised, Ms. Tetrazzini singing:

Friday, September 9, 2011

Camel Cigarette Advertisement

We wrap up Cigarette Week with this photograph showing a large advertisement for Camel Cigarettes. My grandmother and grandfather smoked Camels. My grandmother died of a heart attack in her 50's, and my grandfather lived to an old age, but had lots of heart trouble. So, the glamorous side of smoking is short lived indeed. I hope that is the thing we see this week.


The lovely Ms. EAM has arrived safely at her destination in Kitale, Kenya. She is now getting to her business of taking care of orphans. Hopefully she will have more details for us shortly.


I warned you to watch Tropical Storm Nate. Looks like it is going to turn into a Hurricane. Keep your eyes on this one.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cowboy Smoking

Another way that cigarette companies sold their stuff was with images of the cowboy. Remember the Marlboro Man? Wow, what an image. The picture above was from 1908, and shows a Cowboy smoking a cigarette. The man is a Sioux Indian.


OPOD is issuing the following Weather Alert. Tropical Storm NATE has formed in the Atlantic and is threatening to become a hurricane. Be alert and vigilant, as Nate could sneak up on you and take all you have. You will want to watch this one closely.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Belly Dancer

I fear that in today's picture we are going from "Glamorous" smoking photographs to simply "Tawdry". Well, I guess there was nothing they would not try to get people to smoke. When I was in college in the 1980's they had nice looking girls dressed as car hops walking around handing out free packs of smokes.


I had a message this morning from the lovely Miss EAM that she was on a compound near Nairobi where she had spent the night, and was now departing for Mattaw. It is now 2:00 PM there, so she should be well on her way to the village. Hope to hear sometime this afternoon that she has arrived safely.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cigarette Ad

Good Tuesday Morning to you all. I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend. Today we feature a photograph from a cigarette advertisement in 1900. The advertisement was for "Egyptian Deities" cigarettes.


Well, we took the lovely Ms. EAM and dropped her off at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. She departed for her mission trip, but we have yet to hear from her. It could take several days for her to reach her final destination, so we are eagerly awaiting word of her safe arrival.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Girl Smoking

Today we examine another cigarette glamour shot from 1902. I am amazed at how you could make something so awful look so good. 


We are loading up the truck as I write, and will be taking the lovely Ms. EAM to Dallas as she departs today for Africa. Yes, this is a little scary for me.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Good Sunday Morning to you all. I bet after the mystery person contest yesterday you thought this week's theme would be on the opera. Well, you would be wrong. This week we will be exploring the glamorous side of smoking. Understand that this glamorous part just lasts a short while. Then you start smelling bad, your face shrivels up, and you end up with various dehabilitating lung disorders and coronary disease. However, for the first few cigarettes, there is a glamorous side, as illustrated in the picture above, taken in 1902.


OK, the big thing going on around here is that the Lovely Ms. EAM is preparing to depart for Africa. In fact, she will be leaving tomorrow. She has  raised the support she needs to get over there, have food for six months, and get back. In addition, she will be  taking several thousand dollars in medical equipment over there to have a good start on equipping a simple clinic. Many thanks to the great generosity of  visitors to this site who helped make this work possible. She will depart for Dallas/Fort Worth airport tomorrow. The airport is some 5 hours away, so Mrs. PJM and I will drive her to the airport. 

I was pleased to find that there are five construction workers from here that will be going to Mattaw tomorrow as well. They will go over, build a new house for a new batch of kids, and then come home. She will be traveling on the same itinerary as them, and they will help ensure she gets there safely. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Embargo Lifted - Mystery Person Contest Commences

I am pleased to announce the Embargo has been lifted. This is primarily due to several keen observers yesterday making the connection between the OPOD Embargo and the Post-Apocalyptic movie "Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome". In any event, the Mystery Person Contest is Underway!

Friday, September 2, 2011


The old picture embargo has been extended for another day. This is due primarily to the surely, insurectios, and yes, mutinous tone of many of the comments yesterday.

I note with amusement all those who said they would erase this blog from their subscribe list, and would never look at it again. I know they say that, but will they come back again today to see if the embargo is still on or to see how people reacted to their announcements. Now they are in a box, because they announced with such great fanfare that they were leaving, they will be unable to leave comments showing their anger and disgust that the embargo has been extended, since they supposedly left yesterday.


Who runs OPOD?

Thursday, September 1, 2011


A picture embargo of undetermined duration has been issued due to ZERO comments on yesterday's picture.

You can not say that you were never warned.