Friday, July 1, 2016

Britain in the First World War

Today's picture shows British troops in World War I. The picture is from around 1915. World War I was an interesting war in that there was no clear reason for it, there were devastating losses for all involved, and there was no clear winner. Bottom line, nothing really was accomplished.


  1. A fitting photo for the anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. Some 20,000 British troops alone killed in a single day. I can't help but think that God himself must have cried that day.

    1. British casualties on the first day of the Somme were 57,470.

  2. There were very clear reasons for the first world War, Germany had invaded Belgium and France, just about making it all the way to Paris before they were stopped. German atrocities in both countries are well documented.

  3. July 1914 was a tense and difficult period in Europe. Frantic messages were sent between the governments of the great powers, including Britain and Germany. it would be extremely difficult to restrain public feeling in this country


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